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Connecting with Community Advocates on Food Insecurity, Fitness, and the Digital Divide

Even in communities where quality health care is easily accessible, the majority of health inequity and inequality can be ascribed to other influences, such as environment, social and economic factors, and learned behaviors. Medical education and residency programs need to focus on the roles that social determinants of health (SDH) play in wellness, not only to keep families healthy but to meet training requirements. Family physicians are not alone in striving toward health equity – nationally and in every community, diverse groups of advocates and non-medical providers are working to address critical issues such as housing, employment, food insecurity, physical activity, and more.

Each community is different, and the constellations of health care providers, social service providers, and others tackling SDHs are unique. However, understanding the national perspective and how different systems are organized and responding at the community level will help family physicians better engage with partners, no matter where they train or practice.

This webinar series has engaged national experts to share how they are working to reduce inequities, in tandem with and outside of health care systems, as well as family physicians who will share examples from their training programs and health systems. Participants will learn challenges from the advocate’s expert perspective; hear about emerging research and policy priorities; gain strategies for making community connections; and bring new ideas back to their medical and residency education programs.

Cost is FREE

Each webinar is one hour. You must have or create a free account with the FMEC’s learning management system in order to view the webinars.

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