Connecting with the Community: Parks, Recreation, and Fitness

Park and recreation agencies, and the professionals who manage them, are key to a fully-integrated public health system and play a vital role in meeting evolving health needs.

Working together with like-minded partners, they can serve as holistic and people-centered community wellness hubs, connecting community members to comprehensive programs, services and spaces that dismantle systemic barriers to health, especially for people of color and low-income communities.

Hear more from the National Recreation and Park Association about community wellness hubs and park-health care partnerships.

You will also hear from Meritus Health about how their “Bold Goal” is challenging the community to lose one million pounds by 2030 by increasing activity and access to healthy food choices, and by decreasing stress. Meritus will discuss efforts to build infrastructure for weight loss both within the health system walls as well as in the community, for instance through partnerships with park and recreation facilities.

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